CfP: Journal of Media and Journalism – Media and Colonialisms

This CFP might include the questions of nostalgia and home…

A little more than 40 years have passed since the Portuguese democratic
revolution of April 25, 1974 and the independence of African countries.
There are several symptoms of a renewed interest on this recent past
from the part of Portuguese scholars and artists, almost always filled
with memories both happy and traumatic. Throughout this time, the
scientific field of Communication Sciences has been more attentive to
issues such as the freedom of speech and of the press, as well as the
relationship between journalism and democracy. Although, these themes
relate to that of colonialism and post-colonialism they seldom were
approached in that context. However, there are currently a number of
researchers of journalism, media and contemporary cultures that have
been investigating, with multiple approaches, the relations between
media and colonialisms. Those from the past, as well as those emerging
today, or a mixture of both past and present.

We invite all to participate in this new issue of the Journal of Media
and Journalism, which seeks to reflect upon the role of the media in the
construction and deconstruction of empires. From television to the
Internet, from cinema to photography, from media and journalism, to the
news and to the simple words of a poem how were colonialisms made and
unmade, yesterday as today? Are there or not new forms of colonialism
manifesting in the media? Do Media Empires exist (in a broad sense of
the expression)? What is the role of the media, and of journalism in
particular, in these contexts? Is it a real menace to democracies or a
side effect? What differentiates colonialism from other forms of
domination? Is the Internet a means to decolonize with its promise of an
hypercommunication? Or does it accomplish a control society (Deleuze)
establishing new forms of colonization? Are there desired and desirable
colonial imaginaries? How are artists and academics looking into the
colonial archives, including their personal and family memories?

We accept articles on these and other issues centered on the
relationship between media and colonialism, from different areas and
approaches, such as:
Media and Colonialisms
Media and Identity Constructions
Colonial and Postcolonial Imaginaries
Media, Gender and New Forms of Colonialism
Internet and Social Networks
Radio and Sound Cultures (Is listening a form of obedience?)
Visual Cultures, Colonial and Postcolonial Representations
Contemporary Cultures in Post-colonialism
Cinema and Colonial Archives
Contemporary Art and Memory
Economics and the Media

The Journal of Media and Journalism is currently a publication of the
Center for Research in Communication and Digital Culture – CIC.Digital –
pole of FCSH- New University of Lisbon. It is published in Portuguese,
English and Spanish and uses a double-blind review arbitration system.
Media and Journalism is a scientific journal that aims to be a forum for
discussion and dissemination of research conducted on the field of media
and journalism within and outside the country.

The Call for Papers ends on May 16, 2016. This issue will be published
in November 2016.

Texts should be sent to the coordinators of this issue by May 16:
Teresa Mendes Flores : <>
Ana Cabrera:
We accept texts with maximumm 50 000 caracters, in Times News Roman,
font 12, 1,5 spacing.

For more information see the call here


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