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Capture d’écran 2016-04-22 à 11.44.16Media and Nostalgia is a collection of different approaches to nostalgia, analysing specifically its recent boom and relations with various media. The chapters explore how media trigger nostalgic emotions, produce nostalgic narratives and become creative spaces for nostalgia. The collection examines film, photography, television, music, networks, literature, works of art, home videos and print advertising, tackling the subject critically with reflections on political and commercial uses of nostalgia in digital environments.

‘Nostalgia and its role in media have received little attention in scholarly literature. This book, inspiring, provocative and timely, fills an important gap. It will no doubt constitute a major contribution to memory and media studies and the study of nostalgia.’

– David Berliner, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

‘Building on the legacy of a rich literature on nostalgia, this volume is a timely and valuable contribution that focuses closely on the relationship between media and our feelings for the ‘past’. This book is an extremely welcome and valuable addition to the growing literature on history, memory and nostalgia.’

– Mike Chopra-Gant, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

‘Nostalgia has become an almost forbidden feeling, denounced and altered by mainstream media. In reality it is often innovative and productive. The volume edited by Katharina Niemeyer is a pioneering work that tackles the question critically.’

– Régis Debray, author of Transmitting Culture (2004)

Media and Nostalgia reveals the multi-faceted nature of both nostalgia and the scholarly responses to this phenomenon. It offers a productive investigation of the usefulness and multiplicity of nostalgia and its many articulations across varied media sites.’

– Amy Holdsworth, University of Glasgow, UK

‘Nostalgia is a very ubiquitous phenomenon and Media and Nostalgia is a pioneering work on the diverse relations of both. Strong theoretical approaches and fascinating case studies are developed and discussed here, revealing the link between the nostalgic boom and the apparent acceleration of time produced by new technologies.’

– Géraldine Poels, Institut national de l’audiovisuel, France


  • Introduction: Media and Nostalgia – Niemeyer, Katharina

  • Analogue Nostalgia and the Aesthetics of Digital Remediation – Schrey, Dominik

  • Homesick for Aged Home Movies: Why Do We Shoot Contemporary Family Videos in Old-Fashioned Ways? – Sapio, Giuseppina

  • The Instant Past: Nostalgia and Digital Retro Photography – Bartholeyns, Gil

  • Retromania: Crisis of the Progressive Ideal and Pop Music Spectrality – Guesdon, Maël and Philippe LeGuern

  • Retrotyping and the Marketing of Nostalgia – Pickering, Michael and Keightley, Emily

  • Anti-nostalgia in Citroën’s Advertising Campaign, Fantin, Emmanuelle

  • Networks as Media for Nostalgia in an Organisational Context, Bardon, Thibaut; Villesèche, Florence (et al.).

  • Media and the Closure of the Memory Boom – Hoskins, Andrew

  • Nostalgia Is Not What It Used to Be: Serial Nostalgia and Nostalgic Television Series – Niemeyer, Katharina and Wentz, Daniela

  • AMC’s Mad Men and the Politics of Nostalgia – Pierson, David

  • The Television Channel ARTE as a Time Machine and Matrix for European Identity – Hartemann, Aline

  • Nostalgia, Tinted Memories and Cinematic Historiography: On Otto Preminger’s, Holl, Uta

  • Creative Nostalgia for an Imagined Better Future, Barba, Morena La

  • Nostalgia and Postcolonial Utopia in Senghor’s, Kisukidi, Nadia Yala

  • Impossible Nostalgia – Goldberg, Itzhak

  • Journeys through the Past: Contempt, Nostalgia, Enigma – Potts, John

  • Poetic Transfer of a (Serious) Situation – Baudrillard, Marine



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