IAMHIST-Challenge for early career researchers and professionals

This might be of interest for some of you:

Deadline for proposals: September 15, 2016

Details: http://iamhist.org/2016/05/iamhist-challenge-early-career-researchers-professionals/

The International Association for Media and History is an organization of scholars, filmmakers, broadcasters and archivists dedicated to historical inquiry into film, radio, television, and related media.

We encourage scholarly research into the relationship between history and the media, as well as the production of historically informed documentaries, audio-visual essays, television series, podcasts, websites and other media texts. We take special pride in involving younger scholars and media professionals in our activities through our annual master class, special events for grad students at IAMHIST conferences, and awards for junior scholars. In 2016, the IAMHIST board decided to launch a yearly IAMHIST Challenge for early career researchers and professionals who are interested in setting up a local event on a media-and-history topic. This can be a one-day symposium, a master class, a workshop…. This initiative should be spearheaded by an early career researcher or media professional.

Eligible proposals will be original and relevant to the field of media and history. A jury, assigned by the Executive Council of IAMHIST, will select one or more proposals and reward them with a grant. The total budget of the IAMHIST challenge is 5,000 USD. This amount may be given to one applicant or be distributed among several applicants.


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