Omar al-Ghazzi interviewed by the BBC on Syria and empowering nostalgia

IMNN member Omar al-Ghazzi on the BBC:

Turning fantasy figures into symbols of Syria’s war

Capture d’écran 2016-09-02 à 11.05.41There is a universal expectation that superheroes always save the world and protect the weak. But for some, the brutality of the war in Syria is even upturning this long-accepted wisdom. Anonymous activists have been revoicing cartoons from popular Japanese anime series from the 1980s, reinventing their stories to reflect the current realities and posting them on YouTube. The visual sequences remain the same but the plots have been reworked. The characters now speak either in classical Arabic or Syrian accent, with the new storylines reflecting the hopes, pleas and misery of Syrians suffering from the war.

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