CFP: ICA 2017 Panel on Video Games and Aging

capture-decran-2016-10-10-a-12-12-18This might be a nostalgic topic:

We are organizing a panel on *Video Games: Meaningful Play for Older Adults* for the 67th International Communication Association (ICA) Conference held in San Diego, USA, May 25-29, 2017 (

In keeping with the conference theme of “Interventions: Communication Research and Practice,” we invite researchers to investigate the intersection of video games and older adulthood, examining the broad application of gaming as a tool in successful aging, focusing on the gaming experience of older game players, intra- and inter-generational gaming, the motivations and perceived benefits.

*Panel conveners:*

Loretta Pecchioni (Louisiana State University)

Sanela Osmanovic (Louisiana State University)

Eugene Loos (University of Amsterdam)

*Submission requirements and deadlines*

Please submit the following information to *no later than Monday, October 24, 2016*:

– name and contact information

– paper title, a 250-word abstract and partial bibliography (3-5 sources)

– a short bio for each author

Successful submissions authors will be notified by October 28. The panel proposal will be submitted to the ICA by November 1.


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