Just published: Queer nostalgia and queer histories in uncertain times


ISSN: 20555695
Online ISSN: 20555709
First published in 2016
3 Issues per volume
Volume 2 Issue 2

Cover Date: June 2017

Queer nostalgia and queer histories in uncertain times

Page Start: 161
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A fantastic fabrication of Weimar Berlin: Queer nostalgia, timeless memories and surreal spatiality in the film Bent
Authors: Gilad Padva

Page Start: 167
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Into a wilderness of mirrors: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and queer nostalgia
Authors: Randal Rogers

Page Start: 183
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Of love and longing: Queer nostalgia in Carol
Authors: Allain Daigle

Page Start: 199
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Queer nostalgia in Mad Men
Authors: David Hennessee

Page Start: 213
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Blending in and standing out: Storytelling and genre in the LGBT biopics Milk and Pedro
Authors: Jonathan Lupo

Page Start: 227
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A (re)turn to the past: Memory and movement in ¡Viva 16!

Page Start: 243
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Book Review

Page Start: 255
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Classic Media Review

Page Start: 261
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Film Review
Authors: Bridget Kies

Page Start: 265
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