Just published: Nostalgic Generations and Media

Congratulations to IMNN member Ryan Lizardi who  published his new book:

Nostalgic Generations and Media

Perception of Time and Available Meaning

Ryan Lizardi

Nostalgic Generations and Media: Perception of Time and Available Meaning argues that the cultural rise in nostalgic media has the multi-generational impact of making the subjective experience of time speed up for those who are nostalgic, as well as create a surrogate nostalgic identity for younger generations by continually feeding them the content of their elders. This book is recommended for scholars interested in communication, media studies, and memory/nostalgia studies.Capture d_écran 2017-06-07 à 14.56.14


Ryan Lizardi’s reflection on nostalgic generations is a valuable addition to the growing literature on nostalgia and its relations to media. It will be a very useful source for scholars and students working on the nostalgic production of video games and film.
— Katharina Niemeyer, Université Paris II

Ryan Lizardi continues his insightful walk down memory lane and builds on his previous work on mediated nostalgia. Nostalgic Generations and Media engagingly explores the cultural implications of the multi-generational targeting of remade media brands such as Star Wars, LEGO, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and the “now-stalgia” of social media.
— Matthew P. McAllister, Pennsylvania State University


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