IMNN member Ryan Lizardi: CFP – edited collection on ‘Subjective Experiences of Interactive Nostalgia’

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Subjective Experiences of Interactive Nostalgia

There are as many varied experiences of nostalgic longing as there are varied approaches to studying nostalgia. From Johannes Hofer to Freud to Svetlana Boym to Stephanie Coontz, our understanding of what it means to long for the past has changed and morphed over time and, as such, our methodological approaches have morphed in kind. The encouragement of nostalgic impulses has only increased over time, with contemporary media seeking to make our past eternally relevant, but our experiences in reaction to this encouragement are varied.

We as consumers and researchers have different subjective experiences of longing for the past, especially in regards to our interactive media like video games, applications, and other digital content, and this collection seeks to honor those differences. In search of a more interdisciplinary understanding of the various forms and experiences of interactive nostalgic longing, this collection will seek to collect essays that explore these subjectivities of nostalgia from methodologically diverse perspectives.

Examples could include (though certainly not limited to) explorations of:

  • Historical differences in the experience of nostalgia
  • Performative elements of nostalgic longing as meaning making practice
  • Cultural diversity and difference in longing for the past
  • Political and economic factors that have led to specific experiences of nostalgia
  • Ethnographic and autoethnographic studies of nostalgic longing
  • Psychological and/or sociological research on experiences of nostalgia
  • Rhetorical encouragement of specific kinds of longing
  • Philosophical meaning behind the subjective experience of longing for the past

Submission Guidelines:

Please send an abstract of around 350-words, along with a short bibliography (3-5 primary sources) demonstrating the proposed chapter’s theoretical foundation, and a bio of 75 words by February 1, 2018 to: (Ryan Lizardi, editor)

Chapter Guidelines:

After abstract acceptance, authors will be asked to write chapters of 7000-7500 words including references by an agreed upon date to be determined (depending on publisher’s timetable).


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