CFP: INSIDIOUS – 14th Annual Carleton Communication Graduate Caucus Conference

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14th Annual Carleton Communication Graduate Caucus Conference

Proposal Deadline January 04, 2019

March 21–22, 2019 | Richcraft Hall

Carleton University | Ottawa, Ontario

Is progress always … progressive? Or can progression and regression occupy the same space? According to anthropologist Brian Larkin (2008), “progress can thus be seen as a mode of social ordering, of governmentality in Foucault’s sense that power works not by repression but by incorporation and internalizing modes of rule.” In other words, the tools of innovation often reimagine dominant ideologies with both positive and negative effects.

Insidious, the 14th Annual Communication Graduate Caucus (CGC) Conference, invites critical examinations of the slow, subtle, gradual changes facilitated by media technologies and communication processes. Most importantly, we are interested in insights regarding how we as scholars, citizens, and societies might challenge the potentially harmful aspect(s) of media and communication.

The Communication Graduate Caucus welcomes proposals for 15-minute individual paper presentations, research-creation (research that includes creative production, artistic experimentation, and innovation in understanding and mobilizing knowledge), or pre-constituted panels. Topics and themes may include but are not limited to:

  • Critical examinations of technological innovations
  • LGBTQIA+ representation in popular culture (e.g. queerbaiting, bury your gays trope, etc.)
  • Discursive constructions of utopian/dystopian futures
  • Histories of specific technologies and/or media
  • Remediation of niche/fan/subcultures
  • Regulation of communication and media
  • Environmental effects of digital commodities
  • Colonialism, race, and gender and the impacts of a “woke” society
  • Social and ethical impacts of cybernetics, robots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The CGC Conference is proud to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. Mél Hogan, Assistant Professor of Environmental Media in the Communication, Media and Film Department at the University of Calgary.

All submissions should include a 250-word abstract (in .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF) with the full name, current academic affiliation, biography of 50-100 words, and contact information of the individual presenters. Panel proposals should include both a 250-word abstract for the panel, explaining how it relates to the conference theme, and abstracts for all individual papers submitted in one document. Research-creation proposals should also outline technical requirements needed for their presentation. Please send submissions to by January 04, 2019 with “CGC conference submission” in the email subject line.

The CGC Conference provides an opportunity for graduate students and emerging scholars alike to present their work, receive feedback, and participate in networking and professional development with colleagues from across Canada. Upon abstract acceptance, students are encouraged to submit their full paper for the Canadian Journal of Communication Student Paper Prize by February 14, 2019.

Xiaofei Han, Shaunel London & Carla McCutchin

2018-19 Carleton CGC Conference Co-Chairs


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