CFP: Special Issue – Adaptation and Nostalgia

Full name / name of organization: Adaptation (Oxford Journals)
Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2019
Contact email:


Adaptation, like nostalgia, is inextricably linked to the past. Both must grapple with the politics, pragmatics, and poetics of bringing the past into the present; and, in so doing, adaptation and nostalgia must also wrestle with one another.

Yet the level and tone of nostalgic engagement can vary considerably from one adaptation to another. Adaptations can foster longing for a lost or imagined past by framing their sources and intertexts in ways designed to evoke a nostalgic reaction or channel the nostalgia of their creators. Adapted texts can also critique this nostalgic impulse even as they play into it. Still other adaptations might seek to avoid an overtly nostalgic relationship to their source(s) or settings, but intertextuality and textual histories are so central to adaptation that no adapted text can entirely preclude a nostalgic response.

In the midst of this spectrum of textual engagement, audiences wield considerable power: they can amplify or diminish the importance of nostalgia in assigning meaning to an adaptation, not unlike the way adaptation itself relies on audience perception of that status to activate it as a critical approach.

This special issue of Adaptation will be dedicated to exploring the myriad ways nostalgia and adaptation—both the process and its products—inform one another. It will consider the role of nostalgia in media and culture industries’ approaches to adaptation, in the creative process of adaptation, in the reception of adapted texts, and beyond.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

–       Formal invocations of nostalgia in adaptations

–       Political economy of nostalgic adaptation

–       Remediation and nostalgic adaptation

–       Resisting nostalgia through adaptation

–       Nostalgic reception of adaptations

–       Remakes and re-adaptations as nostalgic texts

–       Theoretical approaches to nostalgia through adapted texts (or vice versa)

–       Nostalgic multiplicities (prequels, sequels, spinoffs, etc.)

–       Nostalgia and performance

–       Historical and biographical narratives as adaptations

Full papers are subject to double-blind peer review before consideration for inclusion in this special issue. Papers must be submitted online to Adaptation, according to the instructions linked below, no later than 31 May 2019 to be considered for the special issue.

Instructions for authors can be found here:

For questions about this special issue, please contact the issue editor, Dr. Colleen Kennedy-Karpat (Bilkent University), at



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