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This database is dedicated to professional and amateur productions dealing with media and nostalgia

| websites, blogs and social media | the press | film and television

websites, blogs and social media

– websites: do you remember/ nigerian nostalgia/ our moments (application)/ reminisce/ retromash/ retro-daze/ the nostalgic machine/ yttm

– blogs: new americana

– facebook groups: researching media and nostalgia

– facebook pages: jukebox-nostalgia/ nostalgia-antique/ nostalgias-visualising nostalgia/ nostalgia comics/ old manila nostalgia/ retronaut/ retro pictures/ retro report/ retroreto/ retrologias/ retro and vintage fanatics/ vintage media group / vintage everyday/ vintage TV / weird retro

– twitter: @80sNostalgia / … 

the press

– titles: Cinema Retro

– journalism:

film and television/ websites

broadcast: Nostalgia Critic/ The nostalgia chick/

web: special week on nostalgia, In Media Res, September 2016

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