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alastair bonnett |josh carney |claire coleman |sophie dufays|michael d. dwyer| emmanuelle fantin | sébastien fevry |ross garner | tim van der heijden |amy holdsworth | ekaterina kalinina | slavka karakusheva | mirjam kappes | emily keightley | ryan lizardi | irene martínez marín | manuel menke | katharina niemeyer | gilad padva |michael pickering | milica popovic |dominik schrey| tim wildschut | kathleen williams | tim wulf

alastair bonnett

2013 February 28th. Nostalgia and the Age of Enlightenment, Winter Event Lecture, DePaul Humanities Center, DePaul University, Chicago, USA

2012. November 30th History, Memory and Green Imaginaries: Symposium presented by the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories, University of Brighton, UK

josh carney

2016, 30 July. “The harem, Hürrem, and the truth: restorative nostalgia and the veiling of a Magnificent heroine.” Popular Culture Working Group at the International Association for Media and Communication Research, Leicester, UK.

2013, 19 November. “Spectacular realism and imperial nostalgia: the rise of the Ottoman costume drama in contemporary Turkey.” Panel titled The new spectacle: politics, entertainment, and civilizing missions at the American Anthropological Association annual meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

2013, 17 September. “Pilgrimage, popular culture, and monumental politics: Magnificent Century and the mediation of spatial practice in Istanbul” at ZEIT-Stiftung seminar, History takes place: dynamics of urban change – Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

2012, 6 July. “Nostalgia for the present: struggle for the nation in Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl).” Panel titled Media and nation in Turkey at Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Paris, France.

claire coleman

2015, July 30. ‘An Exile In Time: Spiritual Nostalgia in Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans’, Popular Music and the Sacred Symposium, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London, UK.

2014, April 16 – 17. ‘Love Is Blind: Indie Folk music and nostalgic longing’, Love and Rock Music: An International Conference, Universite Paul-Valery, Montpellier, France.

2013, November 24 – 26. ‘”The wild blue yonder looms”: Joanna Newsom’s wildness’, Popular Music: Communities, Places, Ecologies (IASPM-ANZ annual conference), Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

sophie dufays

2016, 8-9 December,  ‘Rôles et significations du tourne-disque et du disque vinyle dans quelques films (latino-américains) contemporains’, International conference ‘Du néo au rétro, entre nostalgie et réinvention. Objets en mouvement !’, organized by GIRCAM, Université catholique de Louvain, Mons.

michael d. dwyer

“Oldies, Nostalgia, and the Opening of the FM Dial.” The International Association for Media and History. May 17-20, 2015. Bloomington, IN.

“Soul in the Rear View: The Blues Brothers.” Society of Cinema and Media Studies, March 25-29, 2015. Montreal, QC, Canada

“The ‘New Man’ and Fifties Stardom in Retrospect.” Film & History Conference. October 30, 2014. Madison, WI.

emmanuelle fantin

2017, December 14-16: ‘Ambivalence of remembering and nostalgia in the Gallery ‘portraits of immigrants’ of the French National Museum of History of Immigration’, Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017, November 30-December 2nd: ‘Esthétique et rhétoriques ordinaires de la nostalgie: la commercialisation du passé’, Colloque international ‘La nostalgie dans tous ses états’, Université de Lorraine, France

2016, November 9-12: ‘Reframing the past : stereotypification of social memory by French advertising’, 6th European Communication Conference, European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), Praha,
Czech republic

2016, September 29 – October 1st : ‘Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance…’, Colloque ‘Histoire, mémoire et nostalgie. Représentations littéraires et culturelles’, Vilnius University, Lithuania

2016, July 17-20: ‘Good old new advertising – nostalgia and self-creation of memories’, International Association for Media and Communication Research 2016 Conference (IAMCR), University of Leicester, UK

2015, June 17-20: ‘Is advertising nostalgic of itself? Self-reflexive use of the past in modern French advertising’, IAMHIST conference, Bloomington, USA

2013, April 19, ‘Les Trente Glorieuses dans la publicité française : entre témoignage mémoriel et fantasme nostalgique’, 22nd day-conference of the French Media Research Group (FMRG) – « Media, Memory and Nostalgia », Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

2012, September 13-14: ‘Driving nostalgic: Citroën is going “back to the future”’, Flashbacks 2012 – International conference, Geneva, Switzerland

2014, September 14:  ‘L’âge d’or. Médias, mémoires et nostalgies‘ (Golden age. Medias, memories, nostalgias), Day-conference, University Paris-Sorbonne, France

sébastien fevry

2014, June 4 : Sepia cinema under Nicolas Sarkozy’s France. Nostalgia and National Identity.Mittwochskonferenzes, Goethe Universität, Francfort, Germany.

2013, October 25 : Le cinéma sépia sous la France de Nicolas Sarkozy. Nostalgie et identité nationale. French Media Research Group, Memory and Nostalgia in French and Francophone Media (II), Newcastle, UK.

ross garner

2013, November 9-10. Towards an inclusive approach? Theorising nostalgia through social constructionism’. Nostalgias conference, Margate, UK.

2013, March 15. Investigating ‘Life on Mars’: The contextual nature of ‘classic’ TV. Cops on the Box: Crime Drama on UK TV Screens, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

2011, July 20-21. A love that spans all ages?: Interrogating the ‘mainstream’ appeal of ITV1’s ‘Lost in Austen’ (2008). Alien Nation: A Conference on British Telefantasy, Northumbria University, UK.

tim van der heijden

2016, July 26-27: In between Reflective and Restorative forms of Technostalgia. 14th NECS Graduate workshop: “Return of the Living Dead Media: Media Cultures of Persistence, Resistance and Residue”, Potsdam, Germany.

2014, November 21-22: ‘Technostalgia’ in Contemporary Memory Practices. International workshop: “Amateurs and/as Experts: User Typologies”, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

2014, June 5-6: From Technologies of Memory to Memory of Technologies. ‘Technostalgia’ in Amateur Film Practices. International conference: “Things to Remember: Materializing Memories in Art and Popular Culture”, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

amy holdsworth

2015, 13-14 June: ‘Homesickness and Television’, ‘Intimacy at a Distance: Television at Home and Away’ Conference, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

2015, 6-7 July: ‘Remembering Children’s Television: Observations on The Story of Children’s Television exhibition at The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery (Coventry, UK)’, ‘The Story of Children’s Television’ International Conference, University of Warwick, UK.

2014, 11-12 July: ‘Northern Nostalgia: Last Tango in Halifax’, ‘Media and Place’ Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK (with Alison Peirse).

2014, June: ‘Television Iterations: Autobiography, memory and comedy’, Keynote presentation – ‘Visual Culture and Collective Memory’ Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

ekaterina kalinina

2015 October 9-10, Paper Presentation “Digital nostalgia archives and civic engagement”, ECREA Communication and Democracy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 September 16-18: Paper Presentation “Facts, Moods, and Memories: Respecting Nostalgia in Communication History”, Conf. ECREA, Venice, Italy, with Manuel Menle.

2015, September 11-12: Paper Presentation “Post-Soviet Nostalgia and Patriotism”, Conf. Communist Nostalgia, University of Glasgow, The UK

2015, September 6-8: Paper Presentation: “Biopolitics, Nostalgia, Gender and Cinema”, conf. Memory, Nostalgia, Melancholy, Rovinj, Croatia.

2015 May, 21-25: Paper Presentation “Home is Where Your Heart is: Mediated Longing for the State”, ICA conference, Puerto Rico

2013 November 7: Paper Presentation “The Nostalgia channel in Russia”, conf. Socialist Television, Stockholm, Sweden

2013: June 29-July 6: Paper Presentation “Mediated Post-Soviet Nostalgia”, conf. Post-Socialism, St. Petersburg, Russia

2012: July 10-15: Paper Presentation “Remembering the Soviet past in Fashion Rebellion, Representation, Repression”, conf. European Popular Culture Studies, London, England

2012 February 2-3: Paper Presentation “Imperial Nostalgia in Moscow and St. Petersburg”, conf. City comparisons: Possibilities and limitations, Finnland-Institut in Deutschland

2012: December 10-13: Paper Presentation “Price of laughing: nostalgia and irony in Russian Fashion”, conf.
Representations, Copenhagen University, Denmark

slavka karakusheva

(2016) Uses and Consequences of Social Media in Turkey, 09 April, organized by the British Institute at Ankara and the Middle East Technical University, Department of Social Anthropology
the topic of my presentation: “Remembering the Past, Sharing the Present”

(2016) Transcultural Memory and Reception in Europe, 16-20 April, Sofia University (COST Action IS1203 In search of transcultural memory in Europe)
the topic of my presentation: “Memory Exchange and Mediatization of Nostalgia”

mirjam kappes

2015, June 18-20: Mediacultural archives and nostalgic remembering in the digital age –NECS 2015 conference ‘Archives of/for the Future’, Łódź (Poland).

2015, April 17-18: Mediated Nostalgia(s): Memory and Mass Media in the Digital Age – conference ‘Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be’, Berlin (Germany).

2015, April 8-9: Nostalgic Nights: Jim Jarmusch’s reminiscent nocturnal film poetics – conference ‘The Cinema of Jim Jarmusch’, Arras (France).

2015, January 24: Filmische (Medien-)Nostalgien. Invited guest speaker at the seminar ‘Retromania. Nostalgie- und Retrotrends in Musik, Fernsehen und Computerspielen‘, WS 14/15, Cologne (Germany).

emiliy keightley

(2008) ‘Nostalgia and the Movement Between Memory and History’, CGC Annual Conference Memory as Medium: Experience, Exchange and Representation. With Michael Pickering.

(2005) ‘Negotiating Nostalgia’, Televising History: the past(s) on the small screen symposium. University of Lincoln.

ryan lizardi

2015, June 17-20: The Ultimate NES Remix of the Past: Nintendo’s Exploitation and Commodification of Fan Nostalgia. Paper presented at the International Association for Media and History Conference. Bloomington, IN.

2013, June 17-21: The ‘Looking Into the Past’ Images and their Potentially Comparative History. Paper presented at the International Communication Association Conference. London.

2012, May 10-12: The Epistemology of Re-Imagined Cinematic ‘Classics.’Paper presented at Union for Democratic Communications Conference. Tallahassee, FL.

irene martínez marín

2015, July 20-22: ‘The nostalgic Royal Tenenbaums. A defense of Wes Anderson sentimentality,’ Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Oxford, UK

2015, November 6-7: ‘Togetherness, Transparent, and New Sincerity Television’, Cinema/Series International Workshop, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Campus Gandía, Spain.

manuel menke

2015, September 16-18 : Facts, Moods, and Memories: Respecting Nostalgia in Communication History. ECREA Communication History Section, Venice, Italy (with Ekaterina Kalinina)

2015, June 17-20 : Helpful not Harmful – Media Nostalgia as a Way of Coping with Media Change. The 2015 IAMHIST Conference ‘Media and History Revisited‘, Indiana, Bloomington, USA.

2015, May 21-25: Preserving Treasures of One´s Media Past – Media Nostalgia and Media Change in the Life Span. 65^th ICA Annual Conference “Communication Across the Life Span”, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

– “Home is where your heart is” – Mediated Longing for the State. ICA Pre-Conference of the Communication History Devision. Communication and the State: Toward a New International History, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, 21.05.2015 (with Ekaterina Kalinina).

2014, April 2: Media Nostalgia and the Popularity of the Past. Young Scholars Workshop “Mediatized Celebrity and Popular Media in Historical and Visual Communication Research”, Trier, Germany.

2013, November 9-10: Not Lost, But Gone Before – A Typology of Media Nostalgia. Confernece ‘Nostalgias – Visualising Longing’ der Canterbury Christ Church University, in Margate (Kent), England, (with Philipp Müller).

2013, January 17-18: Old becomes new – media change backwards. The steampunk subculture as a gauge for a societal need? Annual Conference of the German Communication Association-Section Communication History. Theories of media change, Augsburg, Germany.

katharina niemeyer

2016, Nostalgies Numériques (keynote) – International conference ‘Du néo au rétro, entre nostalgie et réinvention. Objets en mouvement !’, organisé par le GIRCAM, Université catholique de Louvain, Mons, 8-9 décembre, 2016.

2016, 23-31 July, Reflections on (media-) events and their (instant) memoriesIAMCR conférence 2016 Memory, Commemoration and Communication, panel (avec IMNN) : Looking forward by looking backwards : nostalgia as an agent of change, Leicester, UK.

2016, April 11: De la catastrophe à la nostalgie de « l’avant » – Le 11 septembre 2001 et les transformations de ses images, Ateliers d’histoire contemporaine : les corpus images et sons, INA, Paris.

2016, January 10-13 : Nostalgie et nostalgier – La relation entre la série télévisée et le mal du pays, Colloque ‘Troubles en série’: les séries à l’âge adulte – Université de Lyon 2

2015, November 27: L’éternité de l’irréversible – La nostalgie comme pratique médiatique, Séminaire Eternités numériques, ISCC, Paris 3.

2015, October 1-3: Amateur Nostalgia on the Web: Remixing Vintage Media Technologies and Content — conference ‘Nostalgia: Historicizing the Longing for the Past’, London.

2015, 17-21 June: Vintage, Media and Nostalgia, IAMHIST conference ‘Media and History revisited‘, Indiana, Bloomington, USA.

2015, January 14 (Invited speaker): seminar, Nostalgia and media theory – from television series into the digital age of “nostalgizing”, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie – KIT (Germany)

2014, September 12: One-day conference: Golden Ages: media, memories and nostalgias, Paris (Paris IV, Sorbonne) / Member of the scientific committee and invited to draw and present the conclusions of the conference

2014, June 11 (Invited speaker):  Nostalgias – Nostalgize, Seminar: Material and Visual Culture University Lille 3 (France)

2012, September 12-13 : International conference Flashbacks – Nostalgic media and other mediated forms of nostalgia, Geneva (University of Geneva

gilad padva

2015, July 1: Queer Nostalgia in Musical Films, invited talk, London, UK.

2015, June 14-15: Black Memories as Queer Fantasies? Screening the Harlem Renaissance in Looking for Langston and Brother to Brother, conference ‘Reimagining American History in Film and Media’, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2015, February 23-24: No Entrance? The Gates of the Male Body as Nostalgic and Musical Spectacle in the New Queer Cinema, conference ‘The 24th Motar Conference: On Threshold: The Gate as Concept, Image and Materiality’, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014, October 7: Looking at the Past through Pink Glasses: LGBT Nostalgia in Cinema and Pop Culture, invited talk, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014, November 15: Nostalgic Queer Cinema as an Emancipating Praxis, a colloquium talk, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014, August 4: Communicational and Cinematic Ways of Constructing Nostalgia, Modifying Memories of the Past and Constituting an Alternative Mythology, invited talk, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014, June 26-28: Effeminate Gay Youth and ‘Feminino-Nostalgia’: Dottie Gets Spanked and Velvet Goldmine, conference ‘Film and Media 2014: The 4th Annual London Film and Media Conference’, London, UK.

2014, May 11-12: On Queer Nostalgia in Cinema and Pop Culture, conference ‘An Other Sex 14: The 14th Annual Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual Studies and Queer Theory Conference’, Tel Aviv and Beersheba, Israel.

2013, November 9-10: Narrating Queer Nostalgia, Fantasy and Longing in Mick Jagger’s Performance in the film Bent, conference ‘Nostalgias: Visualising Longing’, Margate, UK.

2012, September 13-14. Animating the Sixties: Yearning for Nostalgia in Arte’s Self-Promotion Campaign Summer of the Sixties (2010), conference ‘Flashbacks: Nostalgic Media and Mediated Forms of Nostalgia’. Geneva, Switzerland.

2011, July 12-14. Retro Culture and Invented Nostalgia in ARTE’s ‘Summer of the Sixties’ (2010), conference ‘Film and Media 2011: The 1st Annual London Film and Media Conference’, London, UK.

2011, February 8-9: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Authentic Fabrication and Original Reproduction of the Sixties, conference ‘The 20th Motar Conference: Cultural Intersections and Their Manifestations in Arts’, Tel Aviv, Israel.

michael pickering

(2012) ‘Retrotyping and the Politics of Nostalgia’, Flashbacks: Nostalgic Media and Mediated Forms of Nostalgia, Institute of Communication, Media and Journalism Studies, University of Geneva (with Emily Keightley).

(2008) ‘Nostalgia and the Movement Between Memory and History’, CGC Annual Conference Memory as Medium: Experience, Exchange and Representation (with Emily Keightley).

milica popovic

2015, ‘Yugonostalgia – resistance for the last generation of pioneers’, 2nd International Conference Socialism on the Bench – Socialism: Construction and Deconstruction, University of Pula

dominik schrey

2015, October 01-03: Forgotten Theories of Nostalgia. Prolegomena to an Alternate Cultural History of the Concept – conference ‘Nostalgia: Historicizing the Longing for the Past’, London.

2015, February 19-20: ‘Life has Surface Noise’ – Frühe künstlerische Reaktionen auf die Einführung der CD – Conference ‘Treueschwur und Realitätsverlust. Phasen und Dispositive auditiver Medienkultur’, Universität Lüneburg

2014, April 05-11: On Some Intersections between Nostalgia Theory and Media Archaeology – XII MAGIS International Film Studies Spring School, Gorizia

2014, March 29 (invited speaker): Retro und Nostalgie in der digitalen Medienkultur – Museum of Electronic Games & Art Bensheim

2013, July 07 (invited speaker): ‘A Twinge in Your Heart, Far More Powerful than Memory Alone.’ Nostalgie und Retrofetischismus in zeitgenössischen TV-Serien – Universität Köln, seminar ‘Digitales Fernsehen? Transmedia Television und die Zukunft der Serie’

2012, October 08 (invited speaker): Analog Nostalgia in Digital Media Culture (eingeladener Gastvortrag), Polish Academy of the Sciences, Warsaw

2012, September 13-14: Digital Remediation and the Aesthetics of Analog Nostalgia – conference „Flashbacks – Nostalgic Media and Mediated Forms of Nostalgia”, Universität Genf

2011, March 31: Digitaler Film und analoge Nostalgie. Das Grindhouse-Doublefeature von Tarantino und Rodriguez – 24. Film- und Fernsehwissenschaftliches Kolloquium, Universität Zürich

2010, October 28-29: ‘Analog Nostalgia’: Mourning the Obsolescence of Analog Media in Digital Culture, conference ‘Panic and Mourning’, Catholic University Lisbon

2010, March 05-06: The Blue Flower in the Land of Digitality, or: Nostalgia for the Analog in Digital Culture – Conference ‘This Way Down. Discourses of Decline and Degeneration in Germany and Beyond’, Columbia University, NY

2011, February 17-18 (together with Jörg Hartmann): Conference ‘Media – Technology – Nostalgia’ – KIT Karlsruhe

tim wildschut

Wildschut, T. (2015, February). Caregivers’ encouragement of mental time travel predicts nostalgia proneness in young adults and children. Paper presented at Mental Time Travel Preconference at the 17th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Long Beach, CA.

Wildschut, T. (2013, November). Nostalgia: A psychological perspective. Keynote address presented at Nostalgias: Visualising Longing, Canterbury Christ Church University and The University of the Arts London, Margate, England, UK.

Wildschut, T., Stephan, E., & Sedikides, C. (2011, July). Nostalgia regulates avoidance and approach motivation. Paper presented at the 16th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology, Stockholm, Finland.

kathleen williams

2015 November 30-December 1, ‘Mapping Media Waste: The Socio-Cultural and Ecological Afterlives of Outmoded Technologies’. Cultural Studies Association of Australia, University of Melbourne, Australia.

2015 November 30-December 1, ‘’San Francisco is So Over’: Representations of Nostalgia, Gentrification, the City and Renewal’. Cultural Studies Association of Australia, University of Melbourne, Australia.

2015 September 11, ‘Media Waste, Trash and Nostalgia: Reading the Digital Present Through the Residues of the Past’. School of Social Sciences Seminar Series, University of Tasmania.

2015 June 28-July 1, ‘Eulogies for the Video Store’, Film History Association of Australia conference, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

2015 July 8-10, ‘Live Through This: Teen Media, Identity and Nostalgia in Rookie’, Australian and New Zealand Communication Association, Queenstown, New Zealand.

2012 July 3, ‘Nostalgia for the Unknown: Film Trailers and Their Representation of Past and Future’, paper presented at Crossroads: Cultural Studies Association Conference, Paris, France.

tim wulf

2016, June 09-13 : Play it Again?! Nostalgia and the Motivation to Re-Play Video Games. 66^th ICA Annual Conference “Communicating with Power”, Fukuoka, Japan.

2015, May 21-25 : Wallowing in Media-Past: Personal and Collective Triggers of Media-Induced Nostalgia. 65^th ICA Annual Conference “Communication Across the Life Span”, San Juan, Puerto Rico (with Diana Rieger, Lena Frischlich, Olivia Rutkowski and Gary Bente).

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